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Q: Why is it better to clamp to the hub instead of the spokes?

A: Standard bicycle wheels are laced with 14GA. spokes. These wheels tend to flex quite a bit; especially when cornering.

If the sprocket is attached to the spokes: the sprocket will flex with the spokes. This flex can cause the chain to derail.

You may have installed the kit supplied rag joint correctly, yet still find that the chain rolls right off of the sprocket. This is a common source of frustration among new builders.

Q: What prevents your sprocket adapter from slipping?

A: Our sprocket adapters are precision machined and engineered to tightly clamp around the hub.

By using a computer program that accurately simulates the physical properties of Aluminum: we were able to design the adapter to the ideal thickness that will give the necessary grip around the hub.

Q: Can I use my kit supplied sprocket with your adapter?

A: Yes, but you will need to accurately drill three .377" holes 120 degrees apart on a 3.625" bolt circle.
Bolt circle calculator http://littlemachineshop.com/mobile/bolt_circle.php

The hole pattern must be drilled concentric to the outer perimeter of the sprocket in order to ensure concentricity of the entire assembly. The ability to do this requires tools and skills that are typically beyond the home builder.

Q: Will your adapter work on all hub styles?

A: No...Our adapters are for Shimano CB-110, HI-STOP, Falcon CFE10 and Micargi. Our adapters will work with any hub that measures 1.520"-1.528" provided the center section is cylindrical.

The adapters will also work on multi-speed hubs with our custom reducers. The minimum diameter is .900". Measure your hub with a digital caliper (as shown under Measure in the top navigation menu) Then select (MM Freewheel Conversion Reducer Bushing also in the top navigation menu, below Adapters and/or Sprockets. Click on the picture of the bushing, then select your size for custom machined reducer bushing. If your size isn't listed, select the closest one, then in the comments section during checkout write the size you need in your own words. Both multi-speed cassette style hubs, and single speed coaster brake hubs will work: provided the center section is cylindrical.

Q: I see Manic Mechanic parts everywhere, How can I tell if they are authentic?

Contact us, we can verify the vendor or dealer before you buy. We have built a great product line and reputation for many years. Our USA made parts are far superior in engineering and quality to any domestic or foreign copies. Because of our established reputation and quality parts, some company's like Bikeberry, Piston Bikes and Pirate Cycles market thier imitations with the Manic Mechanic brand name, but there not! There copies.... Some are even Chinese made.
As much trouble this causes by unnecessary phone calls, we still appreciate the free advertising! We make new customers daily from them.
So beware! Manic Mechanic Parts are often imitated but never duplicated......