disc brake caliper bracket
On Sale! Want more stopping power, add disc brakes to your motorized bike.
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Tired of those flimsy, thin disc brake caliper brackets?

Disc Brake Caliper Bracket (Universal, can be used on front or rear)
6061 Billet Aluminum
Allows you to install disc brakes on virtually any bicycle without welding!
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MANIC MECHANIC official part
(Pre-Tapped) Boost Bottle Performance Intake 32mm (Manic Mechanic) mmbikeparts.com
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2-Stroke Performance Boost Bottle Intake

(32mm stud spacing)
Includes o-ring and mounting screws
*Gasket and boost bottle kit sold separately

  • Less restrictive flow path from the carburetor to the engine.

  • Improved performance.

  • O-Ring seal eliminates vacuum leaks that cause poor idle quality.

  • CNC machined to closely match the intake port on most engines.

For more info: (Intake installation instructions) in main navigation menu

The original gasket partly blocks the intake port. DO NOT USE ORIGINAL GASKET!
Gasket material (Available at auto parts stores), do not use cork!...Pliers to remove factory intake mounting studs.
Remove stock intake using a 10 mm open end wrench. Remove the mounting studs.
Make a new gasket by tracing around the original or Purchase properly formed new gasket under (Miscellaneous Parts)

MANIC MECHANIC official part